How To Choose Roller Skates For Your Child

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How To Choose Roller Skates For Your Child
How To Choose Roller Skates For Your Child

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The desire to go rollerblading occurs in almost every child over the age of 6 years. Such active walks develop physical abilities well. This is a much more rewarding hobby than playing computer games or watching TV. However, before a child starts rollerblading, parents need to choose the right ones.

How to choose roller skates for your child
How to choose roller skates for your child


Step 1

The choice of roller skates is a very responsible matter, because incorrectly selected rollers can provoke falls and harm the health of the child. You should not buy skates a couple of sizes larger, it is better to choose modern sliding models. They are more practical and safer.

Step 2

Pay attention to the material the wheels are made of. They must be rubber, in no case take skates with plastic wheels. Otherwise, the child will feel all the bumps in the road, and the ride will not be enjoyable. It is desirable that the wheels can be changed over time. After all, the baby grows by leaps and bounds, and after a few months, when he perfectly masters roller skating, he will want to ride faster, and this may require changing wheels and bearings.

Step 3

When choosing skates, the child must definitely try them on. They should sit well on the leg, be in size and not dangle. There are lace-up models, and there are Velcro models, which one to choose is everyone's business. For small children, of course, Velcro is more convenient, but make sure that the baby's leg does not dangle in the calf. Ask your child to try a ride in the store, check that the leg does not fall over, if this happens, then this model of skates does not fit. Children's videos should be lightweight. Take them in your hands, estimate the weight, choose the model that is the least heavy.

Step 4

If you are opting for an extendable model of roller skates, make sure they remain comfortable after being pulled apart. With some models, it happens that after sliding, an unpleasant protrusion forms on the inside of the sole, which can make the ride uncomfortable or even dangerous.

Step 5

And, of course, after you have chosen the rollers, be sure to buy protective knee pads and elbow pads, and if necessary, you can purchase a helmet.

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