Why Is Trance Dangerous?

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Why Is Trance Dangerous?
Why Is Trance Dangerous?

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You can enter a trance state consciously, deliberately or unconsciously, doing something monotonous and monotonous. The degrees or levels of trance can also vary from the most superficial to the deepest. It is believed that a person unconsciously enters a state of light trance about 6-7 times a day, i.e. this is an absolutely normal condition for a healthy person. But some danger may lie in each of these states.

Why is trance dangerous?
Why is trance dangerous?

Going into a trance unconsciously

Entering even a mild trance unconsciously at certain times and places can be dangerous. The light trance that arises from repetitive work can be dangerous in some situations, such as driving a car. It happens that drivers, being behind the wheel for a long time, can start to lose touch with reality, which is certainly dangerous. Or a person with headphones, crossing the road, being in a state of light trance, also puts his life in danger.

Exposure to outside manipulation

Many people know that gypsies can, practically without doing anything, rob a person to the skin. Someone boasts that these gypsy things do not work on him, and someone tries to cross to the other side of the street so as not to meet them.

But there are people who do not attract attention with their clothes or bright appearance, like gypsies, but they represent almost a great danger. Some scammers are able to literally put a person into a trance with a couple of offers or actions, and then take away money, things or other values. But they are not even the most dangerous.

There are people who have a natural gift, talent, ability (you can call it whatever you like) - the ability to inspire. Thanks to this skill, they can force a person to do the most unthinkable things, up to and including a crime. Scientists have proven that it is impossible to force a person (even the most powerful hypnotist) to do something that contradicts his moral values ​​or the instinct of self-preservation, but you can veil everything so that the true action turns out to be hidden. For example, you cannot inspire a person in a trance to jump out of a window, for example, from the 7th floor, but you can suggest that a fire has started in the house and an air cushion is waiting for him outside the window of this very 7th floor.

Experimenting for the sake of curiosity

Some people who have read books on bioenergetics, esoteric or other specific literature, embark on the most daring experiments. Access to the astral plane, communication with higher powers, the search for the meaning of life - all these problems are considered by many authors. But they usually do not write about the danger of such "travels" and searches.

Many people know that you can go into a trance with the help of some illegal drugs. Another thing is that it is categorically impossible to do this yourself without the supervision of a professional or at least a good friend. One day you can go to the astral plane or look from above at your physical body and never come back. After such an experiment, mental abnormalities and mental disorders can develop.

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