How To Give Your Child A Bitter Pill

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How To Give Your Child A Bitter Pill
How To Give Your Child A Bitter Pill

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In order to carry out the course of the treatment prescribed for their child by a doctor, parents often have to resort to some tricks - after all, babies, as a rule, refuse to take bitter pills.

How to give your child a bitter pill
How to give your child a bitter pill


Step 1

Considering that kids love sweets, crush the bitter tablet into a powder and mix it with the candy filling. Sweets stuffed with jam are best suited for this. Carefully remove some of the chocolate from the candy, trying not to crumble it, mix the powder with the jam thoroughly, cover it with chocolate, wrap it in a candy wrapper and treat it to your baby.

Step 2

For a child who is not yet 3 years old, be sure to dissolve the crushed tablet in liquid. Compote, sweet syrup, or even plain water with added sugar are best suited for this. It is not recommended to use mineral water and juices for these purposes, which may reduce the effectiveness or alter the effect of the medicine.

Step 3

If the baby spat out part of the pill, in no case add the powder additionally - you can overdose the medicine, which is fraught with serious consequences. Also, in this case, it is not recommended to increase the frequency of taking the pills. Only a doctor can change the regimen and dosage of the drug prescribed for your child!

Step 4

If you still can't give the little bitter medicine, try playing with it in the hospital. To do this, put his favorite toy next to the baby and tell her that she is sick. Conduct an examination of the "patient" with the child and be sure to prescribe medication to him. Show how the bear or doll takes it, and ask the baby to open his mouth to take a pill too. Most likely, this approach will lead to the desired result.

Step 5

For the sake of achieving the goal, you can go for another trick and compose a fairy tale for your baby, for example, about a kind doctor named Tablet, who helps all sick babies to fight their illness. But at the same time, be sure to note that it is difficult for a doctor to cope with him alone, so children should take medicine that is not very tasty, but very important for recovery, several times a day. Perhaps, after such a fairy tale, the child will still have a desire to take a bitter pill in order to defeat the disease together with the fabulous doctor.

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