How To Take Smecta For Children

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How To Take Smecta For Children
How To Take Smecta For Children

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Smecta is a drug of natural origin. Possesses adsorbing properties. It is used for diarrhea, colitis, gastritis and infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (in combination therapy). It can be used by both adults and young children. The drug is available in the form of soluble powders.

How to take smecta for children
How to take smecta for children


Step 1

For children under one year old, give 1 sachet of the drug (3 grams) per day. Divide the required dose into three doses. Dilute in milk or infant formula, juices will also work. The drug is practically harmless, but better

consult a specialist.

Step 2

For children from one to two years old, give two sachets (6 grams) per day. If the child is still drinking the mixture, then dilute the powder in it. If not, mix it with water, juice or food. It is desirable to give in between meals, but if the child refuses to drink the drug, then mix it with the main food.

Step 3

For children over two years old, give three sachets (9 grams) a day. Mix the powder with your baby's favorite drink, but it is important that it is non-carbonated. If the child does not want to drink Smecta, then add it to food. But if you give the drug between meals, it will work faster.

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