How To Discipline

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How To Discipline
How To Discipline
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"What an undisciplined child!" - often such words can be heard in school or kindergarten, and maybe even on the street, addressed to a hooligan and cocky kid. And what should parents do about it? How to discipline a child? And what is discipline anyway?

How to discipline
How to discipline


Step 1

First of all, don't confuse discipline and drill. Discipline is the ability of a person to properly organize their time, combined with the ability to follow the norms of social behavior. This is what the child needs to be taught. How can this be achieved?

Step 2

Try to motivate your child to behave in a disciplined manner. Just do not interest him in material goods. Motivation should be internal, not external. Even the smallest child cares how he looks in front of others. So, try to play on his reputation. Explain that peers, teachers, caregivers, and others will not have a very good opinion of him if he misbehaves.

Step 3

Moreover, educate the child about how bad it is to be in control of your own time and neglect the time of others. For example, some people mistake being late for an insult. Give your child examples of the importance of your own and others' time.

Step 4

Keep in mind, however, that many children are undisciplined, not because of their absent-mindedness or simply erratic nature. Sometimes a child's bad behavior or constant lateness is his attempt to attract attention to himself. For example, in the classroom, a child may behave badly and thus show indiscipline due to a lack of attention from the teacher or classmates. In this case, explain to your child when and how you can show yourself in front of others so that it is not perceived as hooliganism.

Step 5

Lack of discipline in terms of slowness and all kinds of delays can also come from the inability to calculate time in childhood. Try to sit down somewhere before a responsible trip and calculate with your child how long it will take to travel and get ready. The kid must understand why it is necessary to leave, for example, in an hour, and not in half an hour or 15 minutes.

Step 6

Finally, the reason for the lack of discipline associated with slowness may be a lack of strength and energy in the child. If you see unwell, tiredness, or lethargy in your child, see your doctor. Perhaps the reason is vitamin deficiency. The doctor will examine the child and advise on how to restore his physical activity.

Step 7

Whatever the reason for the child's indiscipline, and in whatever form it manifests itself, try to pay more attention to the baby. Chat with him on all available topics. Let him learn the generally accepted norms of behavior from an early age, then it will not be difficult to accustom the child to discipline. He will absorb the discipline of behavior simply by looking at his parents and communicating with others.

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