How To Propose Marriage To An Indecisive Man?

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How To Propose Marriage To An Indecisive Man?
How To Propose Marriage To An Indecisive Man?

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The decision to connect your life with a loved one is an important event in everyone's life. But in order to dare to make an offer, it is necessary to gather the will into a fist.

How to propose marriage to an indecisive man?
How to propose marriage to an indecisive man?

Even if a couple has been dating for a long time, and their joint future is not in doubt from any of the acquaintances, all the same, a man very often experiences excitement before making a marriage proposal to his beloved.

How can a man decide to call his beloved in marriage

If a young person is not too lively in life, such a decision may not be easy for him. Indecisive people often weigh the pros and cons, think over different scenarios and make a decision, usually for a very long time.

However, do not be afraid to propose to your beloved and only girlfriend. If you are confident that she truly loves you, chances are your significant other will happily accept him. If you are stopped by the economic instability in the country, the fear of not being able to provide for your family, you just need to understand that no one is immune from banal unemployment. But if you are a normal person and are not going to sit on the neck of your significant other, she will gladly help you in difficult times.

Do not forget that difficult times are easier to go through not alone, but together.

In addition, the desire to continue their family line, to have children is natural for any modern man. It is better to have children when you are young, because with age there will be less energy for their upbringing and it will be harder to find mutual understanding in the family.

How a woman can push her beloved man to make a responsible decision

There are situations when a woman realizes that a man loves her very much and wants to be only with her, but still does not receive the cherished marriage proposal from him. Then she needs to speed things up a little and push her beloved to make this serious decision.

It is best to subtly hint that she does not mind becoming his wife. At the same time, it is important to describe what his future will be - fragrant pies and fresh soups, washed linen and ironed shirts. Yes, and you will always be there, and there will be no need to accompany you home every evening. You need to become for a man not only a good lover, but also a loyal friend, so that he can no longer imagine his future without you.

You can also give an example of a happy marriage of your acquaintances or friends.

The only thing that should not be done is to put pressure on the man and be offended that he has not yet made a decision. Usually, this behavior causes the opposite reaction - the desire to do everything in spite of everything.

A little effort and patience, and the coveted offer will be made.

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