How To Wake Up A Loved One

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How To Wake Up A Loved One
How To Wake Up A Loved One

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Some people perceive waking up in the morning as a real torture. But on how a person woke up, his mood and performance often depend. If you want your lover to feel great all day, learn to wake him up correctly.

How to wake up a loved one
How to wake up a loved one


Step 1

Clarify which options for awakening your lover prefers. Shouts, rough shocks and dousing with water are extreme measures, but if he agrees to wake up with their help, then why don't you grant his wish? Otherwise, it is not recommended to use such cruel methods: it is unlikely that a person who was wrested from sleep with a glass of cold water will have a good mood after that.

Step 2

Set the alarm at an earlier time than necessary, so that you have 10-15 minutes to wake up your loved one. Start with gentle strokes so that he wakes up a little, and then move on to massage. This awakening will not only be very pleasant for your man, but will also benefit him, especially if you learn how to massage correctly.

Step 3

Start your morning with a light joke. For example, you can gently hug your loved one and say quietly: "Get up, your majesty, great things await you!" or something similar. Let the day begin with a smile. You can just whisper something affectionate so that a man wakes up in a good mood.

Step 4

If you need to wake up your loved one at a time when you have already left for work, call him on his cell phone. When leaving, make sure that the phone is not far from the bed, otherwise the man may ignore or simply not hear your call. What to say when he answers the phone is up to you. Various options are possible, ranging from "Good morning, dear, I love you very much" to "Get up immediately, feed the cat, take the dog for a walk and take the children to school."

Step 5

On weekends, it's best to let your man sleep. Also try to provide him with a pleasant awakening. For example, you can bring breakfast to bed, turn on soft music, have a relaxing love massage, or caress. Let your man soak up the bed for as long as he wants. If you need to go to the theater, to the cinema, to visit, etc., try to seductively tell your loved one how well you will rest with him today, what a pleasant day awaits him if he gets out of bed right now.

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