What To Do To Keep The Baby From Freezing

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What To Do To Keep The Baby From Freezing
What To Do To Keep The Baby From Freezing

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Fresh air is necessary for the baby both in summer and winter. Therefore, even if everything is white on the street and the first frosts are already knocking on the door, you still need to take the newborn for a walk. Moreover, in winter the air is much cleaner than in summer. The main thing is that the temperature outside is above -10 ° C, and your child is dressed correctly.

What to do to keep the baby from freezing
What to do to keep the baby from freezing

How to make sure your baby does not get cold or cold

To prevent the child from freezing in the winter season, it is necessary to choose the right clothes for him. Do not listen to grandmothers who insist that children should be dressed as warmly as possible, and even wrapped in a woolen blanket. If you follow such ridiculous advice, then you risk overheating the child, and this will not end well. In addition to the fact that a warmed-up baby will freeze in the cold, most likely he will also catch a cold.

If you want your baby not to be cold, listen to the advice of pediatricians. They recommend putting on several lighter layers of clothing instead of one very warm overalls. It is better to wear several T-shirts or bodysuits under the bottom, and several thin blouses, instead of one thick sweater.

To keep your child cool, take a few small blankets or sheets with you outside instead of just one warm blanket. And do not forget to put on a hood so that the gusts of wind do not chill the little head.

If your child is already wearing boots, make sure they are with real, not faux fur. It is also better to choose shoes made of genuine leather.

Buy a jumpsuit with a detachable sheepskin for your baby. If you put on several bodysuits, blouses and socks under it, your child will certainly be warm.

In addition to clothing, make sure your baby has a warm stroller. Use a special winter carrycot or warm your regular stroller with a blanket made of natural wool or sheepskin, which will protect even from strong winds.

When it's very cold outside, do not forget about warm mittens to keep your baby's hands warm.

How much to walk with a child so that he does not freeze and does not catch a cold

Children sleep well in the cold, so if it's above -10 ° C outside, feel free to go for a walk. Walking in the winter for 1-2 hours, the baby will not have time to freeze if you dress him correctly.

If the outside is below -10 ° C or the wind is too strong and cold, you can arrange a little walk for your child on the balcony.

To make sure that the newborn is not cold, monitor his reactions, because he himself will not yet be able to tell you whether he is cold or hot. Check his nose periodically - it should be warm. If the nose is cold, the baby has hiccups or is naughty, it means that he is cold and you need to dress him warmer.

A properly dressed child will benefit a lot from winter walks. Listen to the advice of pediatricians, and your first winter with your beloved child will be unforgettable.

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