How To Teach A Child To Kindergarten

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How To Teach A Child To Kindergarten
How To Teach A Child To Kindergarten

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Most mothers have to go to work very early and send their child to kindergarten. The sooner a child enters a kindergarten, the faster he gets used to it and goes through a period of adaptation. In order for a child to quickly get used to kindergarten, you need to follow certain rules and instill communication skills from an early age.

How to teach a child to kindergarten
How to teach a child to kindergarten


Step 1

Long before you send your child to kindergarten, establish a childcare regime for him. The most important thing is to rise in time for the start of gatherings in the future, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Teach your child to nap and wake up on a routine basis.

Step 2

Teach your child to play independently, communicate with peers and all household skills. He should be able to eat with a spoon, drink from a mug and go to the pot. Teach you how to dress and undress yourself. Don't buy clothes that are difficult to dress and button up.

Step 3

First, go with your child to the playground of a preschool institution, introduce him to children and educators. You can agree with the head of the kindergarten and attend the group with the child for several days.

Step 4

The first days, leaving the child alone in kindergarten, it is necessary to pick him up after one hour. After a successful one-hour stay in a group, the time can be increased to two hours. It is not recommended to leave the baby longer than before lunch for two months. So, when planning to go to work, you need to accustom your child to kindergarten in advance.

Step 5

Always tell your child that you will be coming for him soon. Do not react with anxiety that during the first days the child will cry as he breaks up with you. This is a normal reaction throughout the adaptation period. Your concern will be passed on to the child. Believe that, having got used to kindergarten, the child will be reluctant to go home.

Step 6

Talk to your child about how he spent the day, what new and interesting things he learned. Keep your child talking about kindergarten friends and activities. In the presence of the child, speak only positively about the kindergarten and educators.

Step 7

Let your child take favorite toys to kindergarten and share them with other children.

Step 8

After a two-month period of adaptation to a new team and to daily trips to kindergarten, the child can be left for the whole day. And then you can go to work.

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