How To Bring Love Back To Life

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How To Bring Love Back To Life
How To Bring Love Back To Life

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It so happens that troubles pour in one after another and it seems that there will be nothing good ahead. You are sadly wandering home on a dank gray evening, where no one is waiting for you, no one needs you. And more and more often the question arises: why do I need this life?

How to bring love back to life
How to bring love back to life


Step 1

First, don't despair. This happens to most of humanity. Almost everyone has a streak of hopelessness in life, when nothing pleases, the meaning of life is lost, and the love of life is lost.

Step 2

To bring back the joy of life, follow a few simple rules.

Step 3

Take a blank sheet of paper, write down the main values ​​in life: health, family, love, children, work, money, housing, appearance, friends and others. Now give a brief description of each criterion in relation to you. You can even give grades on a ten-point scale. Look carefully. After all, not everything is so bad. Let's say you don't have a job, love, money now, but it turns out that your health is pretty good, you have children and your parents are alive. Be sure to try to find something good to cling to. And you will understand that it is worth living for.

Step 4

Now, on the second sheet, list all your problems. Both small and large. Choose the smallest one, the one that is easiest for you to solve. After solving, cross it off the list and move on to the next one. When you see how one line after another is gradually crossed out, you will have confidence in your abilities and faith in tomorrow. And this is already a lot.

Step 5

In order not to endlessly feel sorry for yourself, so unhappy, try to help someone. After all, there are people who are even worse off than you. By helping them, you will feel your strength. This will give you the opportunity to switch from your problems to caring for others. And the gratitude of the people you were able to help a little will lift you up in their eyes.

Step 6

Do not withdraw into yourself, do not sit in an empty apartment. Go out for walks more often. Do not refuse to go with friends to nature. Visit exhibitions, theaters. Read good literature, watch good old movies. Communication with the beautiful will have a beneficial effect on you.

Step 7

Keep dark thoughts out of your head. Try not to think about the events that led you to this depression. Don't worry about the future. Live for today. Solve those problems that you can overcome today, and tackle others tomorrow.

Step 8

As soon as you stop thinking about the worst things, things will slowly start to improve, and you will return your love of life again.

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