How To Rid Your Husband Of Alcoholism

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How To Rid Your Husband Of Alcoholism
How To Rid Your Husband Of Alcoholism

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Alcoholism is the scourge of modern society. In almost every country in the world there are families in which all household members suffer from the drunkenness of just one person. According to statistics, the husband is most often the alcoholic in the family.

How to rid your husband of alcoholism
How to rid your husband of alcoholism


Step 1

Under no circumstances should you try to treat your husband's alcoholism on your own. It won't get you anywhere. Moreover, in some cases, such self-medication often leads to a worsening of the situation.

Step 2

In all cases, remember: only a person who himself feels such a desire can quit drinking. Alcoholics are divided into two types: the first, in principle, do not want to quit drinking, and the second do, often very strongly, but cannot because of physical dependence. If your husband is of the first type, try to transfer him to the second type before taking any further steps.

Step 3

Do not under any circumstances try to record alcoholics belonging to the first type to the specialists who sew the Esperal or Torpedo capsules or coding. Such an alcoholic will drink despite the presence of a capsule or "code", as a result of which he will simply die. He will deliberately take such a step, because what in our minds seems completely ridiculous, according to the alcoholic, is not at all such.

Step 4

Quite good results are achieved by patients wishing to recover from drunkenness, in the groups "Alcoholics Anonymous", various rehabilitation centers. In choosing the latter, one should be careful, because dangerous sects can hide under masks. Remember, however, that if an alcohol rehab center is religious, then it is not necessarily a sect. Read reviews about him on the Internet, remembering that, on the one hand, positive reviews can be written by the staff of the center, and on the other hand, negative ones can be specially fabricated by ill-wishers in order to discredit the organization. It is best to visit the center yourself and attend its classes, ask about the methods used in it by people who have already visited it and have been successfully healed.

Step 5

Do not turn for the purpose of treating alcoholism to persons carrying out psychic practice, as well as using the method of intimidating patients with any kind of conspiracy theories.

Step 6

You can also get good results by going to an alcoholism ward in a conventional psychiatric hospital. Patients in such departments are kept in much easier conditions than other patients of the same hospital, they are allowed to use radios and cell phones with Internet access. The course of treatment lasts about a month.

Step 7

After your husband is no longer an alcoholic, do your best to avoid relapse. Pay more attention to him, offer him to find an interesting hobby, if he does not already have one, to do any sport, from swimming to chess. Make birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other holidays completely alcohol-free. Remember that even after he is completely healed, your husband needs to continue to visit the group, rehab, or doctor periodically.

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