How To Know What A Wife Does Not Like

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How To Know What A Wife Does Not Like
How To Know What A Wife Does Not Like

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If your wife began to devote less time to you, then you should think about whether she has feelings for you? Maybe you no longer interest her, and then the best way out of the situation would be to part. Although this method is very painful, especially if you love your wife, it is better than suffering with an unloved person. Let's find out what indicates a wife's dislike for you.


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1) A woman who does not love, does not want intimacy with you.

Sexual relationships are the key to a happy marriage. Regular sex can improve your mood, strengthen relationships and strengthen your love for your spouse. If a woman constantly avoids bed, then she may not be interested in you as a man. She could also have a lover who completely satisfies her.

Step 2

2) Your wife doesn't respect you.

The wife and husband are two relatives who must respect each other. It is on respect and understanding that relationships are built. By respecting your loved one for their care, understanding and hard work, you show your love once again. Respect the interests of your significant other. Do not impose your opinion on him, because everyone has the right to their point of view. If your wife tries to constantly humiliate you, emphasizes your shortcomings, but does not notice the merits and does not pay attention to your needs, then she does not love or appreciate you.

Step 3

3) Beloved constantly looks at other men.

When a wife is on the street all the time staring at other men, buying women's magazines with their images, watching films where there are many guys, then you should think about her attitude towards you. A woman who has sympathy for her chosen one will never pay attention to strangers, because she only needs her soul mate.

Step 4

4) The wife doesn't want to spend time with you.

Family relationships involve constant gatherings in each other's company. Watching a movie, going to a movie or a restaurant, cleaning together - these are things that bring people in love together. If your wife is constantly trying to leave you, motivating her with a date with her friends or going to her mother, then we can say that she is not interested in you. A woman avoids your company when she is bored with you.

Step 5

5) A woman constantly makes scandals.

How long have you heard reproaches in your direction? If this happens all the time and not a single day goes without a scandal, then you should think about her feelings for you. In this case, the wife can make a scandal from scratch. It is unlikely that a woman who will not be indifferent to you will test your nerves for strength and constantly anger you.

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