How To Check If A Girl Cheated On You Or Not

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How To Check If A Girl Cheated On You Or Not
How To Check If A Girl Cheated On You Or Not

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Probably there is no such person who would not care whether they cheat on him or not. After all, treason is nothing but betrayal, and even from the closest person. Learning about cheating is always offensive and painful, but you shouldn't allow yourself to be "led by the nose" either. Some girls can hide their infidelities so skillfully that their young people do not even suspect anything for months or even years. But on the thief, as they say, the hat is on fire. Below are the main signs that something has gone wrong in your relationship.

How to check if a girl cheated on you or not
How to check if a girl cheated on you or not


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The first sign that a girl is cheating on you is, of course, a sharp change in her behavior towards you, as well as a complete restriction of your access to her personal space. If earlier she could leave her mobile phone anywhere, now he is constantly with her, even when she goes to the bath, and all messages and call history are deleted.

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The second important sign is changes in your intimate life, and this most intimate life may end altogether, or vice versa, the girl may become more passionate in bed and behave in a way that she has never led before.

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The third sign of treason is a change in her appearance. Any external changes indicate internal changes or that someone has appeared in the girl's life for whom she wants to become even more beautiful. Therefore, a new expensive dress, a new hairstyle or hair color, as well as constant examination of yourself in the mirror and anxiety about your appearance should alert you.

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In the event of infidelity, a person's attitude towards their partner, as a rule, changes dramatically. If earlier your girlfriend could listen to your stories for hours about what you did at work, how your favorite football team played, how are your friends, etc., and she was really interested, but now she is not even interested, how was your day, it is worth considering.

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Or, on the contrary, if a girl, for no reason, begins to be jealous enough of you, and of every woman she meets, and before that there was no such behavior in her behavior, this is also nothing more than a sign of treason. Women tend to project their own behavior onto their soul mate. From the point of view of female psychology, the saying "the best way to defend is to attack" was created just for this case.

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In addition to all of the above, signs of female infidelity may be constant delays at work, which she cannot clearly explain, a frequent desire to "be alone", refusal to take a vacation with you, or your preference for your girlfriends, whom you may not even know, etc. …

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Summing up all of the above, it is worth noting that the presence of any of these signs in your situation does not give you one hundred percent certainty that you are being cheated on. After all, if your girlfriend changes her hair and is jealous of you, this may not mean her infidelity, but that you do not pay enough attention to her. Maybe the reasons for this behavior on her part lie in you. Try to talk frankly and solve the problem together, so that in the future there will be no reservations between you. After all, a relationship without trust is a torment for both partners. Trust each other. And may your relationship bring you only positive emotions!

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