Why Do Women Humiliate Their Husbands With A Lover

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Why Do Women Humiliate Their Husbands With A Lover
Why Do Women Humiliate Their Husbands With A Lover

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Men and women have lovers and mistresses for different reasons. Men in these cases, most often, are driven by banal lust, women - by the desire to avenge their grievances and humiliate their unloved spouse. Taking pleasure in revenge, a woman sometimes goes too far and humiliates her husband in front of her lover, not only in absentia.

If a friend was suddenly …
If a friend was suddenly …

Dreams of an offended wife

The dreams of offended wives are to take revenge on their husband as best they can. Believe it or not, many ladies replay scenes of betrayal in their heads in the presence of their own husband. Not everyone dares to make their dreams come true, but still, a certain percentage of women from time to time step over the line and go for treason to compensate for their spouse's inattention. Apparently, there is something bright, lustful and very pleasant in cheating on someone you consider your offender. The personality of the lover in this case simply does not matter. The lover is just the object of this relationship, the subjects of the relationship are the spouses.

If a lover over the years turns from a casual partner into a loved one, then the situation receives a new round of development. A woman comes to the conclusion that physical betrayal develops into moral betrayal. The lover becomes a confidant, a "vest" into which a woman weeps out her problems. Family secrets and intimate secrets are given to this person. The wife of an unloved husband does not need to tell her lover about how his spouse did not succeed in bed, or to laugh at the “idiot” who has not yet managed to make money.

The situation is complicated if the husband and lover know each other. Sometimes a wife starts an affair with the boss of her faithful in order to promote her husband in the service and at the same time turn him into a moral insignificance. Frankly, it often happens that the legal spouse guesses about the situation, and this situation suits him. In this case, we can say that everyone gets their own: a lover - sex, a wife - moral satisfaction from humiliation of the faithful, a husband - a promotion and a complete loss of self-esteem.

Physical humiliation

I must say that two people do not always enjoy the situation described. Sometimes the third person involved also gets pleasure from the process of infidelity: the husband. In English-language sources, you can find the concept of the term Cuckold - "cuckold". This is not an ordinary "everyday" cuckold who does not know what his wife is doing on the side. This is a direct participant in the process, who has learned to enjoy his humiliation.

Three actors take part in this game. The central role is given to the lover - the dominant male. The dominant lover completely subjugates both man and woman, forcing the couple to do whatever they want. The lover is heterosexual, the husband is also heterosexual, but in the process of playing the husband can undergo feminization and turn into a sex slave to his own wife and her partner.

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