Is It True That Women Love With Their Ears?

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Is It True That Women Love With Their Ears?
Is It True That Women Love With Their Ears?

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Despite the common misconception, not only girls love ears. Men just as much need to hear nice things about themselves. However, verbal communication is so necessary for women, because they are often not self-confident.

Is it true that women love with their ears?
Is it true that women love with their ears?

Why is this true?

Women who doubt their own attractiveness need compliments, warm words, and approval. To win a woman, of course, you need actions, help, care, support. But if you spice it up with a good dose of affectionate words, the effect will be amazing.

Perhaps because verbal expression of feelings is not an easy task for tough men, women value so much open verbal expression of emotions. When a man directly says "I like you!" or “I want to kiss you” it is clear what to do next.

Do you want to please the girl without making an effort? Just call in your free minutes. Say something sweet, stupid and get back to your business. It is important for women to know that men remember them during the day.

Relationships between women and men have never been easy, and they have become more complicated throughout the conscious history of mankind. If even a hundred years ago a woman was dependent on her parents, family, and then immediately her husband, now she received freedom comparable to that of a man.

There is a huge number of popular science, popular and psychological texts about how and why women love. Everything is very simple. Any woman needs, like air, the knowledge that she is loved. Moreover, in a constantly changing world, this knowledge needs to be updated. Men, on the other hand, believe that it is enough to confess their feelings to a woman once and update information only if something changes. In addition, the stronger sex, obviously, is in the illusion that the behavior and actions of girls can understand everything about their emotions. This is not true.

The right way to fight is not to speak

Girls, like volatile, vulnerable creatures, measure everything by themselves. Accordingly, if a man once said that he loves, but does not talk about it anymore, he truly fell out of love. Even very intelligent and curious women who have read a lot of special literature need to

confirmation of feelings. And they know all the ins and outs of "male cuisine". What can we say about girls who can only guess what is going on in men's heads

If you want to encourage a woman to cook or bake, praise her actions. Do it reasonably, it is likely that the next time her borscht or pie will be even tastier.

So the best way to maintain and develop a relationship is to talk to women about feelings, give compliments, share emotions. Women who feel and know that they are loved, return all the "costs" a hundredfold.

Always dot the I. Women are not too intrusive. This is unpleasant and pointless. And when they do so, it is most likely just an attempt to get you clear on an important issue.

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