Where And How To Get SNILS For A Child

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Where And How To Get SNILS For A Child
Where And How To Get SNILS For A Child

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SNILS (Insurance Number of an Individual Personal Account) is a document confirming the registration of a citizen of Russia in the Pension Insurance system. If initially it was issued to an adult applying for a job, now this document is received from early childhood.

Where and how to get SNILS for a child
Where and how to get SNILS for a child

Why does a minor need SNILS

The issuance of green plastic cards to all citizens of Russia began in 2011. The reason for this decision is the beginning of work on the formation of a unified system of electronic universal cards. And this was done in order to simplify in the future the procedure for registration of various kinds of services provided by the municipality and the state (for example, in the field of health care, education, finance, etc.), and also to allow Russians to participate in various social support programs, even such as issuing public transport passes.

Currently, children's SNILS can be used, for example, within the framework of the national project "Healthcare": for outpatient treatment of children under 3 years old, they are entitled to free drugs from a special list.

SNILS registration procedure

SNILS is issued to all children who have Russian citizenship, as well as those who have a permanent or temporary residence permit in any region of Russia. You can get it in one of two ways:

- at the branch of the Pension Fund at the place of registration;

- in a kindergarten or general education institution.

Perhaps in the future there will be another possibility of registration via the Internet, but so far this function has not been launched. To save personal time, it is better to familiarize yourself with the schedule for receiving documents in advance, which will make it possible to get by with one trip to the Pension Fund. You can also fill out an application at home: its form is easy to find on the Internet or at the information stand of the Foundation itself. After submitting the documents, it usually takes about two weeks to issue a "green" card.

Required documents for obtaining SNILS

If the child has not reached the age of 14 and has not yet received a passport, the parents or guardians are involved in the preparation of the document for him, and in the general education institution - the accounting staff.

The following documents must be submitted to the Pension Fund:

- birth certificate of the child (original and copy);

- parent's passport (one is enough);

- an application on behalf of the parents for the registration of the child in the Pension Insurance system.

A teenager over 14 years old applies to the Pension Fund in person, where he provides his passport and independently writes an application. It is assumed that the person will be able to use the received personal individual number throughout his life, it will only be necessary to change the card itself in connection with the change in personal data.

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