What Are The Requirements For A Child In Kindergarten

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What Are The Requirements For A Child In Kindergarten
What Are The Requirements For A Child In Kindergarten

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Kindergarten is the first step of the kid on the way to social life. Friendship, defending one's own interests, quarrels and resistance - all this will need to be decided by yourself, because the parents are not around. In addition to psychological readiness, the child must have all the necessary skills that a kindergarten presents to him.

What are the requirements for a child in kindergarten
What are the requirements for a child in kindergarten

Usually the child is sent to kindergarten at three years old. By this time, the baby is independent enough to be without a mother. Children are admitted to the nursery much earlier, but this is a forced measure, since the mother urgently needs to go to work. A two-year-old baby is not yet ready enough to be in a children's team. At the age of three, children begin to take an active interest in their peers and already have the necessary skills in everyday life. It so happens that a child is brought up at home and rarely communicates with other children, and at the age of 4-5 he goes to the garden. The older the kid, the more difficult it is for him to get used to kindergarten.

What a child should be able to do for kindergarten

In the kindergarten there will be no mother who understands the baby perfectly. That is why it is important to work out all the necessary skills that make life easier in the children's team. Parents are obliged to teach the child to dress independently: the baby must cope with tights, socks, a shirt and outerwear. Zippers, buttons, rivets and laces will not obey every three-year-old, but their baby will soon learn to use them correctly. To help the kindergartner, there are games in the form of lacing, various educational posters on which items of clothing are drawn. Mom can make such a poster herself and train with the child often and little by little. The teacher who every day gathers a whole crowd of babbling babies for a walk will be grateful to their parents. Clothes for the kindergarten should be chosen simple and comfortable so that they do not have complex fasteners.

The ability to use a spoon, fork and drink from a mug also needs to be "honed" in advance, and not just before coming to the kindergarten. A bottle with a nipple, a sippy cup, a sippy cup in the garden are considered bad habits. At first, there is no way without food scattered on the floor and puddles of compote, but the child has no other way to normally learn to eat. Also, the baby should sit correctly at the table, move the chair. If he can do all this, he will never remain hungry, because the teacher and nanny do not have time to feed every child. If the baby can eat on his own, it makes him feel more adult than other children who are poor at using a spoon and fork.

By kindergarten, the child should already be weaned from wearing diapers. It is necessary to leave him in panties or pants more often, then the baby will understand that walking in wet things is unpleasant and will soon ask for a potty. You can start potty training at the age of one and a half years. In the garden, each pupil has a personal locker, in which there is always a spare set of clothes in case of any surprises. Also, the baby should be able to wash his hands with soap and dry them with his own towel.

Psychological readiness for the garden

A child's readiness to attend kindergarten is not only about the ability to serve oneself. It is good if the toddler can speak a language that is understandable to parents and others. The baby should have a desire to concentrate on a certain business, to understand the instructions and prohibitions of the teacher. At the age of about three years, there is a need to communicate with other people and children, so at this time the child can already go to the garden. A very important moment in the life of a future kindergartener is the daily routine. Mom should recognize him in the garden in advance, and two months before coming to the group, bring the daily routine of the crumbs closer to him. It is also worth paying attention to the dishes that are given in the kindergarten, and, if possible, cook them.A habitual routine and nutrition will facilitate adaptation to a new place.

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