How Children Cope With Air Travel

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How Children Cope With Air Travel
How Children Cope With Air Travel

There is no consensus on whether it is possible to fly with children. Some mothers are afraid to take children under 7 or even up to 10 years old with them. Others believe that if pregnant women can fly, then it will not harm babies. Naturally, not everything is so simple.

How children cope with air travel
How children cope with air travel


Step 1

Each mother must independently determine the child's tolerance of the aircraft. Preliminary tests need to be done. For example, if the baby does not feel well in ground transport - buses, trains, cars, in the air, he may be even worse.

Step 2

Pediatricians recommend that mothers not take risks and travel to the resort by train. But if the flight is inevitable, you need to carefully prepare for it. It is also worth making a discount on the age of the baby. Flights are not recommended for children under two years old. Although this does not mean that all children under this age do not tolerate the plane well.

Step 3

If you are planning to make a flight with children, you should not save. Better to buy first class tickets than to suffer all the way with an unwell kid in the tail.

Step 4

It is difficult to hold the child in your arms all the way, especially if you are flying with him alone. When boarding the plane, bring a carrycot where your child can sleep peacefully. This will give him the opportunity to sit in comfort, and you - to increase maneuverability.

Step 5

Even if the child normally tolerates driving in a car, you need to stock up on wet wipes, bags and diapers for the plane. In addition, toys will be useful, since without them the baby can get bored on the road and throw a tantrum. For children from 2 years old, a flight can even become an exciting adventure. Such kids gaze with pleasure through the porthole.

Step 6

To increase the child's tolerance of the aircraft, it is worth creating a favorable atmosphere for him on board. Firstly, at the airport, you need to change your baby into comfortable clothes. Secondly, before departure, ask if he wants to use the toilet. Third, take water or juice for the child. Finally, keep him busy during the flight.

Step 7

Babies under one year old can tolerate the flight even better than children 3-5 years old. And sometimes there are fewer worries with them. The main thing is to regularly check the diaper and give the breast. The kid can generally sleep all the way in the cradle. But mom should take him in her arms when she gets into the turbulence zone.

Step 8

If you are planning to fly with children, you need to make sure that they are healthy. Due to the pressure drop, even a healthy child can become ill. And if he has a stuffy nose, the baby may even burst into tears.

Step 9

Doctors strongly recommend taking only healthy children on the plane. But if you can't reschedule the trip, you should at least take medicines with you that will ease the child's condition. These are drops in the nose and ears, an inhaler, warm tea in a thermos, lozenges for cough and sore throat.

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