How Children Cope With The Flight

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How Children Cope With The Flight
How Children Cope With The Flight
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There are two opposing opinions about whether it is harmful for children to fly on airplanes. Some parents are categorically against flying with small children, while others, on the contrary, believe that the flight will not bring anything bad, and even the baby will like it. It is important to know not only about possible negative phenomena, but also about ways to prevent them.

How children cope with the flight
How children cope with the flight


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Each organism reacts differently to pressure fluctuations during takeoff and landing of an aircraft. Children are no exception. On the contrary, it is more difficult to understand what exactly might disturb a small child. After all, children just cry, not to mention what exactly hurts them.

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During overload, the ears suffer from sudden changes in pressure. This can be a simple congestion discomfort. In some cases, shooting pain can be felt in the ears. To avoid this, it is necessary to swallow saliva. If the baby is already big enough, it will be easiest to give him sucking candy during takeoff and landing. And if the child does not suck candy, but gnaws, then it is better to give juice to drink. During swallowing, the Eustachian tube opens slightly, and the pressure in the ear becomes close to normal.

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If the baby is still in infancy, then it is imperative to consult a doctor. It is better to arrive at the check-in in advance in order to get a seat in the first rows. They are always more spacious than the rows closer to the tail of the aircraft. On transatlantic and long-haul flights, the flight attendants always have cradles on request. They are attached to the seat. In such a cradle, the baby will be comfortable to transfer the flight.

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During takeoff and landing, according to the flight attendant's recommendations, it is advisable to offer the baby a breast. If for some reason the mother cannot do this, then you can give a pacifier or, in extreme cases, a dummy. This will help relieve the baby's feeling of congestion.

Step 5

There are also active children who spin like a whirligig throughout the entire flight. Sometimes they make attempts to run around the plane and beat the seat in front. And if you start scolding them for this, then they begin to cry, while shouting at the whole plane. This behavior is very unnerving for passengers on the same flight. In order for the child to behave well, keep him busy with interesting things. For example, download some cartoons to your laptop or an interesting game. Let the child play with it throughout the flight.

Step 6

It is worth noting that if, according to the doctor's prescription, the child needs to take some pills, then they can be taken with you in your hand luggage. But for this you need to have a prescription from a doctor. It is also allowed to bring baby food into the cabin in the amount necessary to feed the baby throughout the flight. Some airlines, such as Transaero, include baby food in the ticket price.

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