How Not To Lose A Child In The Crowd

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How Not To Lose A Child In The Crowd
How Not To Lose A Child In The Crowd
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Many parents go with their children to museums, parks of culture and recreation, and attractions. It is necessary to prepare the child in advance for a trip to crowded places. So that the walk does not end with the search for the missing baby, you need to use a few helpful tips.

How not to lose a child in the crowd
How not to lose a child in the crowd


Step 1

Prepare your baby's clothes before going out. It should be very bright and visible. Avoid low-key colors for the safety of children. If you lose sight of a child in dark clothes, he will merge with the crowd. Finding him in crowded places will be very difficult. When the baby is dressed in bright clothes, others will notice him faster. All clothes should be bright, not separate accessories.

Step 2

Do not give your child expensive things in hands, do not wear provocative jewelry. A tablet or smartphone in the hands of a child may be of interest to thieves.

Step 3

People who find your child will need to contact you in some way. You need to attach a tag with contact information to the baby's clothes. Some parents use thermal transfer paper to glue their address and phone number to their clothes. To visit the playground, you can attach the badge to your baby's chest.

Step 4

Before attending public events, take a color photograph of your child with you. If your baby has special features, such as a mole or an unusual haircut, then take a larger photo of this area. Thanks to this, you can quickly find the child in the crowd, showing the oncoming photo.

Step 5

Hold your child's hand in public places, not a hat or scarf. This way you will be more confident that he is not behind. When making your way through a large crowd, keep the children in front of you.

Step 6

Talk to your child about a meeting place in advance in case you lose each other. This could be a store exit, a cafeteria, a fountain, or a large billboard. The main thing is that the child does not forget about the agreement.

Step 7

Teach your child in advance not to accept help from questionable strangers. Better to let the kid ask for help from the store employees or a person in uniform. At home, repeat the rules of conduct in public places in a playful way so that the children learn the information better.

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