Can A Teenager Go On A Diet

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Can A Teenager Go On A Diet
Can A Teenager Go On A Diet

Video: Can A Teenager Go On A Diet

Video: Can A Teenager Go On A Diet
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Most young girls at a young age dream of becoming models. To do this, many young ladies at the age of thirteen or fourteen go on strict diets, which, unfortunately, cause irreparable harm to their bodies.

How harmful are diets?

Young people under the age of twenty often do not even suspect that diets designed for adults are simply not suitable for them. Girls, refusing to eat well, can greatly damage their health.

Basically, girls from the age of fifteen go on a diet, the problem is that it is at this age that a fairly active hormonal restructuring of the body occurs, so at this time a balanced and nutritious diet is very important. Severe food restriction most often leads to a number of problems.

Various studies have proven that most adolescents, after completing a diet, gain excess weight, as their bodies begin to store each extra calorie in fat stores. But gaining excess weight after dieting is not the biggest problem.

Any diet negatively affects the work of the brain, since the body simply does not receive glucose and carbohydrates necessary for its work. As a result, brain processes become dull, concentration of attention decreases, the same happens with the ability to think clearly, drowsiness and headache appear.

Most diets lead to significant dehydration of the adolescent body, as a result, the skin becomes lifeless and dry, hair dulls, teeth and nails are deprived of the necessary nutrition, in addition, a feeling of fatigue is constantly present.

As a result of any diet, a teenager is simply deprived of a mass of micronutrients and other useful substances that are necessary for the normal functioning of the body. General exhaustion can lead to problems with female functions - the absence of menstruation and other unpleasant things.

Alternative options

If a teenager is determined to go on a diet, it is very important to help him create a balanced diet, which should contain all the elements necessary for health. It is advisable to consult a doctor about vitamin supplements and mineral complexes, any diet in adolescence should be accompanied by the intake of good vitamins.

Ideally, you should offer the teenager to simply reduce the amount of flour, sweet and fat in the diet, but not give it up altogether. Explain to him that fats are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, so you cannot completely abandon them, tell about the benefits of unsaturated fatty acids, for example, omega-3, which must be consumed regularly.

Point out to your child that physical activity will help him more than dieting, since a young body responds very effectively to any exercise.