How To Block The Internet From A Child

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How To Block The Internet From A Child
How To Block The Internet From A Child

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The Internet has now penetrated literally every home. People use it for work, communication and entertainment. The Internet is also useful for children, helping them in their studies, helping them master the skills of using a computer, etc. But many parents are concerned that their children may face the negative aspects of the Internet: even unintentionally on the Internet, you can find materials related to pornography, violence, foul language, etc. How to protect your child from the negative features of the Internet?

How to block the Internet from a child
How to block the Internet from a child


Step 1

The first way to restrict or block Internet use is by using special features built into most web browsers. So, for example, in the Internet Explorer browser in the menu "Tools" - "Internet Options" you can configure the restriction of access to information received from the Internet. For restriction, you can select one or more of the following suggested categories: "Violence", "Profanity", "Nudity", "Sex".

The disadvantage of this method is that modern children, as a rule, quickly understand browser settings and easily find an opportunity to turn off restrictions set by parents.

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The second way is to use special parental control programs, the most famous of which is the free K9 Web Protection program. To install this program, you must register on the official website of its manufacturers and indicate your email address during the registration process. After that, a license code will be sent to the specified address, which must be entered during the installation of the program. In the program settings, you can set the restriction of access to websites by choosing one of the five proposed protection levels, or directly specify specific unwanted categories of sites (a total of 68 such categories are offered). To enter the program settings, you need to enter a password that is set by the parents during the first use of the program.

The main disadvantage of this program is that its complex interface is made in English, and it is not easy for parents who do not speak English to understand it.

Step 3

The third way is to use antivirus programs with built-in parental control functions. The most famous of these programs is Kaspersky Crystal. In addition to blocking access to various categories of websites, this program allows you to limit the time you use your computer. Access to the program settings is carried out after entering the password set by the parents.

Kaspersky Crystal is a paid application. To check the quality of this program, you can install a free trial version of Kaspersky Crystal, which can be used for a month.

Step 4

The fourth method is suitable for young children. This is a free colorful Gogul browser designed especially for toddlers. Using this browser, the child can only open the web pages of children's sites approved by educators and psychologists.

Each parent can try different ways to restrict their children's access to the Internet and choose the one that best suits them.

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