How To Deal With A Child In Grade 1

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How To Deal With A Child In Grade 1
How To Deal With A Child In Grade 1

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Studying in the first grade is a difficult period for children and their parents. Now it is important to interest the student, to help him adapt to the new status of a student, to establish relationships with the teacher and classmates. And with all this, do not forget that school is still a place where they gain knowledge, and not have fun with friends.

How to deal with a child in grade 1
How to deal with a child in grade 1


Step 1

Don't make first grade a university. The task of the child in primary school is to master the process of acquiring knowledge. Although the school curriculum is structured in such a way that it requires great erudition from the child. However, excessive information overload has a negative effect on the emotional state of the student. In no case run forward, otherwise the child will be bored in the classroom. You can only supplement some of the topics in the textbook with interesting materials.

Step 2

Do not demand high results from your child. In the first grade, no grades are given, and this is absolutely correct. So far there is nothing to evaluate, but it is very easy to inflict psychological trauma on the child and discourage the desire to learn. You yourself can see the approximate level of knowledge on the work in the notebook or after talking with the teacher.

Step 3

Limit the number of extra activities. Leave either only those to which the child goes with pleasure, or sports sections. Firstly, mugs take a lot of time, which can be spent outdoors. And secondly, some of them turn out to be useless.

Step 4

You yourself can work with the child. Homework is not given in first grade, although, of course, there are exceptions. Purchase teaching aids and workbooks. Give your child daily tasks on the topic studied at school, but keep in mind that the duration of such tasks should not exceed 10-15 minutes. Don't rate it. Such work should only help you understand the real progress of the student.

Step 5

If your child misses school due to illness, catch up as soon as he gets better. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for him later to catch up with the rest of the students. Indeed, according to the school curriculum, 2-3 lessons are given to study a new topic, and this is very little.

Step 6

Conduct offsite lessons. For example, themes from the outside world can be perfectly studied in a museum or zoo. Literary works will become clearer and closer after the performance in the theater. The math is well illustrated by shopping trips.

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