How To Make Children's Crosswords

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How To Make Children's Crosswords
How To Make Children's Crosswords
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Crosswords for a child are fun lessons. On the one hand, solving them is just a fun pastime. On the other hand, they develop memory and thinking, teach children to reason, analyze, compare. At the same time, crosswords are universal in use - they can take a child on the road, make it part of developmental tasks, and include it in the game program at the holiday.

How to make children's crosswords
How to make children's crosswords


Step 1

Before composing children's crosswords, you need to decide on the topic. For example, if the crossword puzzle is intended as an element of the lesson, let it reflect the material covered.

Step 2

The next stage in compiling a crossword puzzle is the selection of tasks. In one crossword puzzle, there must be tasks of different levels of difficulty. If the questions are too simple or too difficult, the child will quickly lose interest in the game. Therefore, 1-2 tasks should be difficult, 1-2 simple, the child will need to reflect on the rest. Preferably out loud. If the child finds it difficult to answer, there is no need to tell him the answer. It is better if adults reflect with children and ask leading questions.

Step 3

After the topic and tasks have been selected, it is possible to determine the form in which the questions will sound. These can be rhymed couplets (they can be composed using a reverse dictionary), for example: "They graze near the river / Curly …" or "When they run briskly / Tail leaves as a keepsake", etc.

Step 4

One of the options for the form of assignments can be comparisons. The crossword puzzle can be composed of questions: "They say, stubborn like …", "They say, works like …", etc.

Step 5

Each task of the children's crossword puzzle can be in the form of a riddle.

Step 6

Tasks can also sound simple in the form of simple questions and sentences.

Step 7

Having composed the text of the assignments, you can proceed to the final stage of work on compiling the crossword puzzle. To facilitate the work, all the resulting words can be written out on a separate piece of paper.

Step 8

You can arrange the words in a children's crossword in the form of any "pattern", but children really like surprises. To compose a children's crossword puzzle with a surprise, you need to arrange the words in a column so that one more word appears in one of the vertical lines.

Step 9

At the final stage of work, you need to redraw the empty cells on a blank sheet and number the tasks.

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