How To Massage An Infant

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How To Massage An Infant
How To Massage An Infant
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In the first months of life, babies communicate in body language. When giving a massage to a child, in every touch you give him tenderness and love. Light stroking with mother's hands will raise the baby's mood, calm down and help to relax. According to pediatricians, every child under the age of one year should receive a massage.

How to massage an infant
How to massage an infant


Step 1

First you need to choose a place for the massage. A sofa or bed will not work, because they are too soft, a changing table or a regular dining table is the best option. Just remember to cover him with a blanket and a clean sheet.

Step 2

Before doing a massage, you need to ventilate the room. Normal air temperature is up to + 22 ° С.

Step 3

Hands should be warm and, of course, clean, with short-cut nails. It is better to take off watches and jewelry.

Step 4

When is the best time to massage? There is no definite answer. It can be day or evening. Children, just like adults, are divided into "owls" and "larks", so watch the little one and choose the best time. A prerequisite is to massage after feeding. Thirty minutes later.

Step 5

A variety of oils can be used, but check that your child is not allergic to it.

Step 6

Rub the baby's feet more often, knead the fingers on his legs. This will activate many points and improve the functioning of the newborn's organs.

Step 7

You can massage the ears, for about half a minute each, gently pull down the child's lobe about ten times. This massage strengthens the immune system.

Step 8

Bring things of different textures to the legs and arms of the child: warm, dry, cool or rough. And it is better to comment on these actions, there should be no surprises for the child.

Step 9

There are several massage techniques. For example, rubbing, when a fold forms when the arm moves in front. Rubbing is done with fingers or a fist. When kneading, the child's skin is slightly raised, pulled back and, as it were, squeezed. Such movements increase blood flow and improve muscle tone.

Step 10

It is better to complicate the massage gradually, starting with individual parts of the body. Toddlers really like it when their hands and feet are ironed. Gradually, you can move on to massage the tummy, chest and back.

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