How To Get To The Nursery

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How To Get To The Nursery
How To Get To The Nursery

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The nursery is a preschool for the youngest children. The choice of a nursery must be taken with great responsibility, because the child goes there, being completely tiny, sometimes unable to speak and own elementary everyday skills. Of course, for such a baby, a private nursery would be ideal, where the teacher can give each child enough attention.

How to get to the nursery
How to get to the nursery


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A nursery is usually available in every kindergarten. If this is an independent institution, then its graduates usually end up in whole groups in the kindergartens assigned to the nursery. Therefore, when choosing a nursery, pay attention to the training and development program that the kindergarten offers. These can be in different directions: aesthetic, health-improving, developmental, etc. Therefore, parents who want to develop some specific inclinations in their baby should worry about a place in the nursery in advance.

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In municipal nurseries and kindergartens, registration is carried out at the Department of Education of the district or city. Preschool educational institutions are recruited by a special commission in the order of queuing. As soon as your turn at the nursery approaches, specialists from the Commission will notify you, as well as issue a referral from which you need to submit to the appropriate nursery. After a conversation with the head of the preschool institution, you will find out what documents you need to collect in order to visit the nursery for your child. As a rule, this is a passport of one of the parents, a copy of the child's birth certificate, a medical card, as well as a certificate of registration.

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If the queue at the municipal nursery is very long and the opportunity to get into them is negligible, then you can find a place in a private nursery. Of course, compared to municipal gardens, the cost of a child's stay there is much higher, but the conditions are correspondingly better. The number of kids in private kindergartens and nurseries usually does not exceed 10 people in a group, which ensures that each child receives due attention and an individual approach. To get into a private nursery, you need to contact their administration by phone or at a meeting and find out all the details of admission to this institution.

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