How To Forget Old Love

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How To Forget Old Love
How To Forget Old Love

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You broke up, but your - only your - feelings are not extinguished? Perhaps you are hoping to get the relationship back? This is not a very pleasant situation, because you are constantly in a depressed mood, you cannot adequately reflect and, I must admit, you are thinking about something about which it is high time to stop worrying.

How to forget old love
How to forget old love


Step 1

Admit your problem. There is nothing wrong or weird about missing your old relationship. When people stop communicating with a person, it does not matter, a lover, a friend or a colleague, then for some time they lack this communication. Letting yourself be sad is the first step towards recovery.

Step 2

Talk to someone. Once you acknowledge your grief and share it with your friends, you will feel that you are gradually liberating yourself.

Step 3

Organize your relationship with your old love. Is there anything connecting you? Try to minimize communication, and for this you need to complete all the cases. Do you have financial or property disputes? Start doing them now. If you have common children, resolve issues related to the child's time, paying for his needs, spending the weekend. It is better to write down all agreements on paper and draw up in the form of a contract, not necessarily officially certified. After that, try to communicate only within the framework of agreements, at least until the feelings fade away.

Step 4

Lead an active lifestyle. When you feel bad, you don't have to sit at home, sinking into memories and regrets. Have fun, hang out with your friends, spend some money, and then dig deeper to earn more. Exercising is also good for relieving stress and forgetting about problems, and if you don't like the gym, go bowling or go rollerblading.

Step 5

Find new things to do. Think about what you wanted to do for a long time, but did not start because you were busy with a relationship. Start a new hobby, start learning a foreign language, or learn to play tennis. New traditions will help make your life more meaningful and important. If every Thursday you go to the bathhouse, on Fridays you have dinner with your friends, on Tuesday you have lunch with your mother, and on weekends you work out at the sports club, you simply do not have time for sad thoughts.

Step 6

Pamper yourself. Treat yourself to beauty treatments, shopping, delicious food. Remember that you are a person with a lot of positive qualities, write them all down on a piece of paper and praise yourself.

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