How To Part With A Person

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How To Part With A Person
How To Part With A Person

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Breaking up a relationship is very individual. No specific advice can be given. Build on your knowledge of the person so that you don't make the situation worse by causing unnecessary pain. There is a risk of not being understood, but remember, at the beginning of a new path it is always difficult and if you act competently, your work will soon be rewarded.

How to part with a person
How to part with a person


  • 1. Clock
  • 2. Exposure
  • 3. Self-control
  • 4. Confidence


Step 1

Calm down first. Try to take a sober and impartial view of the situation. Perhaps later you will regret the sudden decision. And it may be that everything is not as bad as you picture yourself. If the reasons "For" outweigh the "Against" and the decision has been made, try to talk to your partner. Be aware of the other person's tact and feelings throughout the conversation. However, be persistent if you are firmly committed to breaking up.

Step 2

Explain your intention in a clear and understandable way. Explain and justify the reasons with specific examples, not abstract phrases. In no case go to insults and reproaches. Do not get fooled by provocations, if any. Your confidence will soon be passed on to your partner. Remember that for some time after the breakup, you will be remembered solely for your behavior during this period.

Step 3

Take good care of your ex. Do not agree to conditions that do not suit you, offer a compromise that suits both of you, so that losses in all aspects are minimal and, if possible, equal. Give yourself and him time, perhaps when the first shock has passed, you will be able to continue communication as close friends again. However, do not rush this moment, otherwise you may break loose and it will be more difficult to get back into shape. Try to distract yourself, go about business, hobbies, remember old friends. Avoid talking a lot about the breakup, and don't blame or gossip about your ex. At first, try not to visit those places where you can accidentally meet him (her).

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