How Funny Can You Tell About Yourself

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How Funny Can You Tell About Yourself
How Funny Can You Tell About Yourself

Video: How Funny Can You Tell About Yourself

Video: How Funny Can You Tell About Yourself
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Laughter prolongs life, and a sense of humor helps to win people over. So if, when you join a new company or prepare a presentation for a competition, you need to tell about yourself, try to make the narration funny. The listeners will love this for sure.

How funny can you tell about yourself
How funny can you tell about yourself

It is necessary

  • - photos;
  • - old magazines.


Step 1

The easiest way to provide people with information about yourself and at the same time make them laugh is to tell a few funny stories from your life. It is desirable that the described episodes could reveal your character as fully as possible. If you love freedom so much that you ran away in kindergarten during a quiet hour and tried to take the bus to Honolulu, and during your last hike in the mountains you barely escaped the bear you were trying to photograph, this can be mentioned. But if in your biography there are stories that happened to you while intoxicated, it is better to hide them from the general public.

Step 2

If you are preparing a story about yourself for a presentation, you can submit the necessary information in verse. Try not to overuse the lyricism of the narrative, insert jokes, insignificant but funny episodes into the text. If you see yourself exclusively as a lyrical hero, try to bring a bit of absurdity into the text with descriptions of experiences and metaphors. Write how your tears flowed like a river when you sat for hours as a child over an endless plate of hated semolina with lumps reminiscent of a snowman you made, destroyed by older children. If you have a bit of talent, you will be able to impress your listeners.

Step 3

Use illustrations to accompany your story. But looking at amateur photos can be boring at times, so armed with an unnecessary magazine, try to make a couple of collages. Let the model from the Chanel show, to which you glued your face, show how you went to prom, and the oligarch resting on his own island and also taking on your guise, make your dreams of the perfect vacation come true.

Step 4

Find parallels between yourself and a popular character in a book or movie. Like Harry Potter, you may have had to live in terrible apartment conditions. Or your hair looks just as good as Thor's, and you, like James Bond, love dry martinis. Focus on the age and tastes of your listeners to find good characters to compare.

Step 5

Talking about yourself, do not get carried away with quoting other people's poems and sayings, no matter how witty they may seem to you. Your audience is more likely to ask the name of the author whose work you used than to consider you a jovial.