What To Do If Your Son Is Gay

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What To Do If Your Son Is Gay
What To Do If Your Son Is Gay

There are different views on homosexuality - both among scientists and ordinary people. Some consider this a deviation from the norm and even a disease, others - only a manifestation of the personal characteristics of a particular person. Many who find out that their relative is gay have to form their own opinions.

What to do if your son is gay
What to do if your son is gay

When a teenager claims to be gay

First of all, it is necessary to understand whether the parents understood their son correctly. If a young man is still young and does not have sufficient experience for obvious reasons, perhaps he is simply tormented by doubts, or it may be that he was pursuing the goal of shocking his parents. At the age of 13-15, the psyche is still being formed, and a teenager is sometimes unable to independently figure out his desires and thoughts. During this period, it is especially important for parents to maintain psychological comfort in the family, so that the child can turn to the older family members with any questions and problems.

Parents who cannot find the strength to adequately perceive and calmly react to the fact that their son is gay can seek help from a psychologist who will help to cope with emotions and think constructively.

Therefore, it is necessary to try to calmly react to this news. Otherwise, next time the child simply will not inform the parents about any changes in his life for fear of causing an inadequate reaction. Instead of lecturing, trying to "brainwash" your offspring, it is better to try to ask him why he thinks he has become gay. Does he already have experience or is he simply interested in it, and also to understand what may cause such an interest. Often, at a young age, adolescents can intentionally or spontaneously shock others with such statements, although in reality they are quite far from changing their traditional sexual orientation.

If, during a conversation with your son, it turns out that he only wants to be gay, and his parents are strongly opposed, you can try several options. In such cases, the help of a psychologist can be very useful, you can go to a specialist either individually or together with your son. No one can guarantee that he will "cure homosexuality", but a psychologist can help a teenager to understand himself, solve existing psychological problems or grope for "painful" places in the subconscious. And then a child who until recently declared that he is gay may realize that he is not at all.

Try to understand and accept

In the case when an older person with an already established life informs about his non-traditional orientation, it may be even more difficult for parents to accept this - after all, it is quite difficult for many, when talking, for example, about their children at work, to say: “My son - gay ". Nevertheless, it is worth trying to first focus on the fact that the son himself came and told about it. This means that he does not want to hide this fact from his parents, hoping for their understanding. It is possible for parents to ask for some time to accept this information - perhaps for some it can become stressful. Those parents who hoped to soon have grandchildren may react especially sharply.

You can try to mentally imagine various scenarios for the development of events - from the most unpleasant to quite successful. Having chosen the most desirable possible result, it is worth striving to bring it to life.

The situation is special if the parents learned that their son is gay from strangers. Or, for example, they saw him in an environment and circumstances that can only be interpreted in one way. And in this case, it is worth waiting out until the first impression, and maybe anger and disappointment, or the stress caused by worries, subside.Then you should try to talk frankly with your son about how conscious his choice is, as well as how he sees his future life.

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