How To Calm A Newborn

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How To Calm A Newborn
How To Calm A Newborn

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Very often, young mothers begin to worry and panic when a newborn baby cries, not understanding its cause. You need to understand that it is by crying that the baby expresses his desire to sleep or eat, and also wants to share with his mother about his unpleasant sensations.

How to calm a newborn
How to calm a newborn

It is necessary

Dry diapers, diapers, dill water, warm diaper, water, nipple, breast milk, motion sickness, walking in the street, proper swaddling, clothes for the season, warm, comfortable environment


Step 1

When a child with a drawn-out cry and stretching arms reports that he is hungry, then he must be fed, even if the time has not yet come.

Step 2

A baby may cry over wet diapers or a full diaper. They irritate the baby's skin and cause discomfort. The kid begins to whimper, sometimes weaker, sometimes stronger. In this case, you need to change the diaper and, if it is cool, cover it with a blanket.

Step 3

Also, it is important to ensure that the baby is swaddled comfortably, without unnecessary folds. If the baby is screaming and at the same time trying to roll over, then perhaps he is tired of lying on one side and it is better to change his position.

Step 4

Very often, the baby starts crying due to the heat. The skin may turn red and prickly heat may appear. Therefore, on hot days, you should not wear diapers on your child; it is better to use a thin diaper and a cap.

Step 5

If the baby is crying and hiccups appear, it may be thirsty or cold.

Step 6

The newborn may also cry during feeding. He begins to suck on the breast, and immediately breaks away from her crying - this may be due to the inflammatory process of the mucous membrane. Very often, the child cannot eat and begins to whimper because of a stuffy nose. In such cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Step 7

The child may start crying due to pain in the tummy, perhaps during the meal he got air into the nipple. In this case, he begins to bend his legs with a plaintive cry. Therefore, it is important to observe the feeding process itself, and after the baby has eaten, it is necessary to hold it vertically for about five minutes in order to regurgitate.

Step 8

The newborn may also cry because of intestinal colic. In order to calm your baby, you can put a warm diaper on his tummy or put it on your belly. Also, light massage clockwise on the stomach and dill water help with colic.

Step 9

Fatigue is a common cause of crying in newborn babies. The kid needs to be shaken in his arms, or go for a walk outside.

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