How To Get Rid Of A Married Lover

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How To Get Rid Of A Married Lover
How To Get Rid Of A Married Lover

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A lover is a good thing since you are in this kind of relationship. It's good because you had both serious and trivial reasons for this. You met, spent leisure time together, fell in love, or maybe did not fall in love, just one day you thought about what would happen next. A family, a cozy nest, three children and a large dog - the perfect picture to strive for. However, the chosen one is in no hurry to share your interests. It is understandable, because your lover turned out to be "a stallion of someone else's stable." It is necessary to get rid of a married man beautifully, quickly and painlessly.

How to get rid of a married lover
How to get rid of a married lover


Step 1

Talk to your man about your future plans in a subtle way. Dream out loud, let him know that thoughts of this kind have already settled in your bright head and have begun to take root. Let it be the first flying swallow or a stone in his garden, a reason to think.

Step 2

At the next meeting, ask how he is doing at home. If he thinks for a second and answers you that he is already at home, and you are doing fine with him, then the question of the seriousness of his intentions is brewing. In this case, you simply have to put an ultimatum if you want to transfer your loved one from the status of "married" to the status of "free". Alternatively, if you hear an endless stream of words about his children-cat-car-dacha-mother-in-law, note to yourself that this is the final argument for breaking such a relationship. Your lover is living his married life.

Step 3

When you decide on your decision to leave, you will have another difficult task: chop or cut. The choice will depend on many factors. The character, connections, capabilities of your chosen one, living space, if it is not yours, for example, are a number of nuances that will affect the course of events.

Step 4

Shrug off if you are a strong, stress-resistant, independent person. When you are not dependent on a lover, either physically or materially. Try not to owe anything to such a person. Collect all his things, pack and send him by taxi to where he will be. Don't give a reason to come back for anything. Put a point, do not respond to calls, sms, letters. Avoid places where it was easy to find you on the spot before. At work, warn your coworkers not to be bothered by anonymous phoning. The alternative is to take a vacation and leave to rest.

Step 5

If your relationship turns out to be difficult, and breaking the connection is not as easy as you would like, start using the "cut off" tactic. Your goal is to make the married lover want to run away from you. He must realize that he himself made the mistake of contacting someone like you. That the presence of a mistress gives him a lot of problems, rather than pleasure.

Step 6

Grumble and cry with or without. Neither one nor the other does not attract the stronger sex. Become grumpy, bitchy, disgruntled, even though you are not. Try on the "actress" mask. Play the role competently and without punctures.

Step 7

Ask or demand gifts, the more - the more noticeably this will affect his family budget. Today you need a dress, tomorrow - shoes, the day after tomorrow - a fur coat. The lack of cash in the wallet will surely be noticed by his legal spouse, which will lead to an obvious scandal. Do not be afraid that because of these quarrels he will immediately fly to you to seek consolation. And if it does, it’s great, you just need the money for a new washing machine. You will become very expensive for such a man, it will serve as a wake-up call to find a "cheaper" option.

Step 8

Overdo it in showing attention to your lover. Send him text messages, preferably when he is at home with his family. Come to his work, ask for general meetings with his friends and colleagues. Pretend to be a caring mom in front of mutual acquaintances, so that he feels ashamed, inconvenient and uncomfortable.

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