How To Attract A Stranger

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How To Attract A Stranger
How To Attract A Stranger

Video: How To Attract A Stranger

Video: How To Attract A Stranger
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Life periodically brings pleasant surprises in the form of unexpected and interesting acquaintances. Of course, it's much easier if they get to know you. But imagine the situation that while walking with your friends, at a party or in the movies, you meet a nice guy. And you start thinking about how to get to know him, how to get his attention. A few simple tips will greatly ease your thoughts and help you get down to business.

How to attract a stranger
How to attract a stranger


Step 1

Imagine the three most common situations: a walk, a party, a movie. Naturally, the same model of behavior in all variants will not be entirely appropriate. For a start - a walk.

Step 2

Ask the guy you like to just take you across the road, arguing that there is no pedestrian crossing nearby, and you alone are scared. In general, simulate weakness. Do not forget that the road is not endless, and you have at most half a minute to make acquaintance. And there, who knows, maybe you will continue the conversation you started somewhere in a cozy cafe.

Step 3

Pretend to mistake him for some of your old friends. Just walk up and start a casual conversation. And then, when everything is cleared up, slap yourself on the forehead, smile, you can even be slightly embarrassed. But do not end the conversation, say that you are terribly uncomfortable, and offer to drink coffee together.

Step 4

Stumble right in front of him, if the guy is a true gentleman, then he will definitely hold the lady and will not let her fall. Thank him for his generosity, tell him that he almost saved your life. Then proceed according to the situation.

Step 5

Making an acquaintance at a party is much easier. The general atmosphere still brings us closer together. Invite a guy to dance. This option is considered almost the most win-win.

Step 6

Smile at him and look after him. A girl who looks at a guy with genuine interest will surely attract his attention.

Step 7

Try to accidentally touch it as you walk by. But do not try to push or step on your foot, you will not attract a guy with such tough methods, but on the contrary, you will not make the best impression.

Step 8

In the cinema, the likelihood of meeting a guy you like is also very high. Of course, it would be very good if your places were adjacent. But you can try to take any action even before the start of the session.

Step 9

Ask him to hold the popcorn you bought while you yourself frantically look for something in your purse. Well, if you have a small notebook and a pen there, then you can safely write down your phone number and hand it to the guy.

Step 10

Walk up to him before the start of the session and tell him that it is with him that you want to discuss the film after it ends. When asked "why?", Answer that he gives the impression of a very intelligent and pleasant person with whom there is something to talk about. Believe me, guys love compliments as much as girls.