Why You Can't Spin A Spinner At 3 A.m

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Why You Can't Spin A Spinner At 3 A.m
Why You Can't Spin A Spinner At 3 A.m

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Fidget spinners became so popular in the summer of 2017 that they even began to write legends about them. Including with a mystical shade. For example, there are stories on the Internet that you can't spin a spinner at 3 am. Why was this action suddenly banned, and what are the origins of this modern children's horror story?

why can't you spin a spinner at 3 a.m
why can't you spin a spinner at 3 a.m

The spinner was once invented as a child's toy. But this gadget gained wide popularity only a few decades after its invention. Moreover, initially it became a trend not as a children's toy, but as an anti-stress gadget for office workers. He "moved on" to children a little later.

Fidget spinner: harm and benefit

Many psychotherapists initially recommended a spinner for schoolchildren, including as a toy that increases the ability to concentrate, as well as a calming one. However, the new gadget soon became so popular with children that many parents began to voice concerns. The spinner clearly distracted their children from the same study or other more useful hobbies. As a result, spinners were even banned in many US schools. But all the same, this gadget is still very popular among children, of course.

So why can't you spin a spinner at 3 am?

According to Internet legend, this action necessarily leads to all sorts of truly dire consequences. A person spinning a spinner at 3 a.m. can, according to different versions:

  • get very sick;
  • go blind;
  • become the interlocutor of a creepy stranger who called on the phone;
  • become the prey of aliens with UFOs.

There are many other answers to the question of why it is impossible to spin a spinner at 3 in the morning. For example, it is believed in this case a dead man may come for you. Also spinning the spinner at this time of day is a surefire way to summon an evil spirit hunting souls. Another reason why you can't play with a spinner at three in the morning is the possible death with a scythe.

There are also slightly less mystical versions of this legend. It is believed that when spinning a spinner at 3 o'clock in the morning, for example, it can fly into a computer monitor or in the face, or simply break.

YouTube and spinner at 3 am

On the most popular video hosting on the Internet, many videos have recently appeared dedicated to this particular legend. Bloggers play a trick on their audience by filming a video about how they spun the spinner at night, and what terrible events followed. Such videos are very popular with children and adolescents and are gaining a lot of views. After all, the audience of this age, by their very nature, simply adores all sorts of horror stories.

Where could the legend come from

Of course, tales about spinning spinner are nothing more than entertainment. The most probable assumptions in terms of where they could come from, there are only two. Perhaps some child with a well-developed imagination just came up with a horror story to scare his friends. I liked the legend and began to walk around the world.

It can also be assumed that the horror story about the fact that you cannot spin the spinner at 3 in the morning was invented by the mother of some little fan of this gadget in order to distract him from the toy and finally put him to bed. The child believed in the story and told his friends. And then - as in the first case, children's word of mouth just worked.

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