How To Entertain A One Year Old Child

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How To Entertain A One Year Old Child
How To Entertain A One Year Old Child
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Newly made parents often puzzle over how to entertain their beloved one-year-old baby with the benefit of his logical thinking. Here are some ways to keep your little one busy.

How to entertain a one year old child
How to entertain a one year old child

It is necessary

  • - multi-colored laces or ribbons
  • - body from a ballpoint pen
  • - bag of dryers (bagels)
  • - Finger paint
  • - wooden beads, buttons


Step 1

One of the fascinating activities that one-year-old kids really like is sewing, or rather, threading sticks into small holes and stringing objects on a string. Such a game will perfectly develop motor skills, thinking of your child and push to develop not only logic, but also speech.

Step 2

Before starting an entertaining game, prepare in advance multi-colored laces, wooden or plastic beads, large buttons (it is better to exclude small ones). Place your baby more comfortably on the warm floor and sit next to him.

Step 3

For the first lesson, take, for example, a bag of dryers (bagels) and a case from a simple ballpoint pen. Then thread a multi-colored lace into it and secure with a knot so that it does not pop out. Now give your little one the opportunity to collect drying (bagels), beads, buttons on a string and sew a garland out of them.

Step 4

After the garland is ready, and the drying (bagels) are eaten up, hang his work in the kitchen, tying the ends of the lace on both sides. If desired, paint the drying (bagels) with finger paints in multi-colored colors. And when dad comes home from work in the evening, show off to him with your baby your little new achievements.

Step 5

When starting the second game, you can limit yourself to only laces or ribbons, which will be completely opposite to the first lesson. That is, now you will not sew and tie, but, on the contrary, untie. To do this, tie beautiful bright laces to the doors of your kitchen furniture. Make sure that the child can easily reach and the lace is easy to untie.

Step 6

When the laces are tied, show the baby by your own example how to untie them. Get him interested in this game so that the little one can guess to pull the end of the lace and take it off. Try to lure your child with these activities, and then you will have a few minutes for yourself.

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