How To Deal With Speech Defects

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How To Deal With Speech Defects
How To Deal With Speech Defects

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If your child has bursting or any other speech impairment, show him to a speech therapist. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he could not switch from one type of swallowing to another in time. How to deal with speech defects?

How to deal with speech defects
How to deal with speech defects


Step 1

First, teach your child to swallow correctly. Perform simple exercises with him, and the functions of swallowing will return to normal.

Step 2

Place your baby in front of a mirror. Keep his head straight and pull his shoulders back slightly. Knees should be bent, legs and feet together. Exercise daily, at a slow pace, with repetitions of 20 or more times.

Step 3

For example, invite your toddler to open his mouth slightly and start licking his upper and lower lips, and then slide his tongue from one corner to another. Now let him try to reach the nasal septum and chin with his tongue.

Step 4

Tell the baby about one more exercise, for example, when the baby smiles and opens his mouth, let him stroke the palate with the wide tip of his tongue from the teeth to the throat. At the same time, explain to him that his lower jaw should not move.

Step 5

Invite him to smile, open his mouth and use the tip of your tongue to “brush” the upper teeth from the inside with right-left movements. Ask the child to smile again, open his mouth, and then, with the tip of the tongue, rest in turn on each upper tooth from the inside.

Step 6

Experiment with another exercise, such as playing a horse. To do this, let the baby smile, then open his mouth and click the tip of his tongue, showing how horses clap. In this case, the mouth should be open, and the tip of the tongue should not be extended or pointed. Make sure that the tongue does not tuck inward, and the lower jaw remains motionless. This exercise must be performed at least 60 times.

Step 7

To combat speech defects, exercise and a simple ball of bread can help. Place it on the tip of the child's tongue and ask them to swallow while holding it.

Step 8

Remember, to train the lips, tongue, soft palate and throat, it is very useful for a growing baby to chew solid food. Therefore, daily feed your child raw carrots, apples, turnips, dryers or meat in pieces.

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