Sincere Love - What Is It?

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Sincere Love - What Is It?
Sincere Love - What Is It?

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Love is rightfully considered one of the most mysterious feelings. It can be different - mutual, undivided, blind, etc. etc. Sincere love occupies a special place in this list - it does not occur so often, so it is worth talking about it in more detail.

Sincere love - what is it?
Sincere love - what is it?

Why does a person fall in love? Various answers have been given to this question. Someone believes that love as such does not exist at all, that it is just an attraction based solely on sexual instincts and the possibility of obtaining material benefits. This point of view has a right to exist - moreover, for many people, love is just that. Nevertheless, there is also a sincere love that does not depend on material wealth and the desire for intimacy.

How sincere love arises

Sincere love is exceptionally pure. Often a person is loved not for something, but in spite of everything that once again proves the existence of true love. Such love is based on the true harmony of souls, no matter how loud it sounds. People who love each other often notice that the same thoughts come to them at the same time, this very well illustrates the existence of an invisible energetic connection between people.

There are so many such coincidences that it is impossible to recognize them as an accident. Two souls actually enter into a kind of resonance, consonance. They have so much in common that they, in fact, become one whole - sometimes loving people even feel each other's pain. It is this consonance, the merging of souls that is the main sign of sincere love at the energy level.

The main differences between sincere love

How does sincere love manifest itself in reality? First of all, such love is not conditioned by anything. She does not look at social status and material well-being, does not assess any prospects. All a person wants is to be close to the one he loves.

If a person truly loves, he is not afraid to seem funny. He is not stopped by the possible negative reaction of others, he is not afraid of gossip and gossip. Sincere love is above all this, no one and nothing can influence it.

To love sincerely means to completely believe in the one you love. To know that the person you love cannot do anything vile, wrong, unfair. And if it suddenly turns out that this has become a reality, then here too, sincere love will find an excuse. This moment is very important - true love covers everything, justifies everything. To love is to forgive. If necessary, forgive over and over again, over and over again - precisely because you love.

Can sincere love disappear? Only in one case - if it is not mutual. It often happens that people, who at first were drawn to each other and had much in common, gradually begin to move away. Now imagine the situation - one person continues to love, while the other person's feelings began to fade away. Most likely, it was never true - the person simply convinced himself that he loved. And when the first attraction passed, the threads that had recently connected two people began to break. One continues to love, the other does not.

What happens next? A loving person feels that his love is not recognized. That he is not needed, he is rejected. This situation can last for a very long time, sometimes for years. And yet, gradually love begins to fade away - it simply burns out, not finding reciprocal support. It may not completely disappear, but its light will be very dim.

That is why sincere love needs reciprocity. When there is such reciprocity, love blossoms, two loving people can live a long, happy life together. Even as they grow old, they will continue to love each other with the same strength - because they fell in love not for external attractiveness, not for material goods, but for the beauty of the soul.

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